5 best Business Tips for New people

Confined does not mean resigned! If the days may seem long (or not), it is possible to take advantage of these special days, especially when you are in charge of the commercial development of a BtoB activity. If we have not yet found the antivirus, here we offer you some “tips” to think about, and especially to put into practice without further delay!

#TIP 1 – Tune your prospect targeting

How long has it been since you spent your prospect targeting under the microscope? Your pockets of opportunity may not be there where you imagine. Your market is on the move, and so are businesses. Thanks to EXPLORE’s multicriteria targeting , you can extract highly qualified lists of new potential prospects, but also remove uninteresting prospects from your databases, those who weigh down your marketing campaigns or who consume the precious time of your salespeople.

#TIP 2 – A polish on the quality of the data

It’s like a catchphrase, it goes and it comes back… Data quality must be at the heart of the commercial strategy. Are your databases up to date? How many delisted companies? How many duplicates? How much missing data? How many accounts not sounded out? So, of course, this is not the most fun, but it is important to ask these questions again, and why not to involve the IT teams who may have a common interest in unifying the bases on a single, clean and day.

#TIP 3 – Dust off your CRM with your salespeople

There too, there is undoubtedly enough to update the CRM and remove old opportunities in “you-never-know-never” mode that will never see the light of day. This is an opportunity to review the quality of their pipe with your salespeople and to reprioritize their portfolio with them. Who are the prospects with the highest added value? Have we looked at all the upsell opportunities?

#TIP 4 – Give color to your sales organization

Even from a distance, it is possible to see your business organization from another angle; are the teams properly sized in relation to the identified business potential? Should we specialize the teams? Segment portfolios? Work more on prescription networks? Identify new levers of action?… Take the time to ask yourself these good questions, and even if the natural will come back at a gallop, there will always be something left.

#TIP 5 – Pamper your employees

And, more than ever, taking care of your teams is obvious! Social distancing does not mean relationship blackout. Anyway is good, especially if you have a corporate social network, to create rituals and free moments of exchange. At EXPLORE, we even wanted to mark the occasion with a small delivery of Easter chocolates, well deserved and very appreciated!

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