5 key steps for Data Driven strategy

Due to the proliferation of digital tools (web, CRM, ERP, applications of all kinds), be it “first”, “second” or “third party”, data is everywhere, provoking dreams and hopes for more than one sales manager or one marketing manager. What is often described as the “black gold” of the 21st century indeed conceals tremendous development potential for those who know how to seize it.


Beyond the accessibility and abundance of data, many questions arise if we want to operate a sustainable and effective strategy. The growing complexity of data production and exploitation solutions, the absence of a strategic and operational vision multiply the risks of missing out on the subject, and the production of value.

In BtoB, a data-driven strategy is based on a wide range of available data, internal or external. The observation and cross-use of this data make it possible to understand changes in the needs of customers and prospects and to anchor operational strategies in reality. This necessarily iterative approach makes it possible to constantly adapt from “end to end” the acquisition and loyalty systems.

, and align the marketing and sales teams over and over again.
As a producer of qualified data, for more than 20 years, EXPLORE has been regularly exposed to the same questions and expectations with sales/marketing departments and now those in charge of digital transformation. How do I identify my best prospects? How to optimize the acquisition and engagement processes? How can I increase the loyalty of my customers by better understanding their needs? How can I increase the relevance and effectiveness of campaigns with my targets? …

This white paper offers a discovery of the main concepts relating to the business-oriented “DATA” strategy and the operational levers that can be activated today, whatever the size of the company.
An ounce of creativity, inspiration… but above all method and tenacity. Follow us in the Data-Driven adventure!

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