9 best Business Tips for new seller

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But how do you go about becoming the great salesperson that all businesses are hitting on? You don’t think it’s within your reach. Think again ! Follow these 10 commandments: you too will become a Super Commercial and you will be the pet peeve of the competition!

A bad salesperson can be deceived, but not for long: if he gets good results, it never lasts!

A good, even a very good, salesperson is characterized by elements that do not deceive :

  • It meets and exceeds the objectives.
  • He reproduces his performances systematically and with regularity.
  • Its results are always just as good whatever the economic situation, competitive rivalries and external and internal risks to the company.

For what reasons ? He made his own sales techniques that he masters perfectly and he adopted a unifying and attractive commercial attitude: he knows how to speak in the ears of customers / prospects!

Becoming a successful and efficient salesperson is neither reserved for an elite nor innate. It’s good news ! You can achieve this Grail as long as you follow these 10 pro tips and tricks.

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Did you know ? Evelyne Platnic-Cohen, founder of the Booster Academy, has created an intensive sales training center. A true benchmark in her field, she is living proof that any salesperson can become an exceptional salesperson if they follow the right principles and apply them!

1. Introduce yourself effectively to make you want to start the customer relationship

Before you even attempt to sell your product / service to a customer, sell yourself! Knowing how to present yourself in a minimum of time is essential to engage your interlocutor and capture their attention.

In just a few minutes (because the customer’s time is as precious as yours), present yourself with a hard-hitting business pitch.

Make your interlocutor want to start the customer relationship with you. Adapt your introduction to the customer / prospect to gain their support. Inspire her confidence with a reassuring speech. Listening to you, your interlocutor says to himself: “I have a good feeling with this salesman, he understands me and knows how to talk to me.”

You will lead a real teamwork with your prospect / client, make him want to be part of it!

2. Practice active listening for a personalized response

Have you ever dealt with that sales representative who recites his arguments in automation without hearing your remarks? Not the most effective way to close a sale!

Forget the standardized speech! If you pitch a pitch without taking into account the real needs of your customers to sell your products at all costs, failure is guaranteed!

During the discovery phase, practice active listening :

  • Let your client / prospect do the talking.
  • Ask him good questions (open and closed) to identify his motivations, his possible obstacles, his real needs.
  • Facilitate interactions between you and your interlocutor to create a bond.
  • Tailor your answer or solution precisely.
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Far from being an unproductive commercial monologue, this constructive exchange allows you to propose an offer adapted to the context, to the sector, to the customer and to his problems.

Openly demonstrate your empathy and interest. Your interlocutor will appreciate it! . How to resist?

Working on customer relations is a competitive advantage. Put the customer at the center of your concerns and you will get their preference!

3. Be an honest seller

Some salespeople are tempted to embellish reality to gain leads. This is a rookie mistake!

If you lie to a customer, they won’t get caught twice. Worse, it risks giving you a very bad reputation in the industry!

Do not commit to deadlines if you cannot meet them, nor to the technical performance of your products if they do not correspond to reality. Likewise, don’t sell a solution that doesn’t match your customer (just to make the numbers).

To retain your customers, respect your commitments ! Maintaining a relationship of trust with a client is the key to working with them over the long term and attracting others through word of mouth.

4. Master sales techniques

You do not become a successful sales agent without rigorous training. Having a flair is not enough to be one of the best sellers!

The trade of salesperson cannot be improvised. Learn all the techniques to use during the sales process:

  • Prospecting: ABM, CAB, BEBEDC …
  • Argumentation
  • Negotiation: SPANCO, 4C, CAP SONCAS …

Do these acronyms mean nothing to you? Take stock of the 12 best selling techniques .

And it is not enough to know them in theory! Work on sales techniques to master them perfectly in practice and make them your own. Your client will not even realize that he is moving from the discovery phase to the closing phase !

Do you master them? So much the better! But the goal is not to stupidly bring out all these methods during a sales interview! Draw the one that best suits the situation and the prospect / customer.

Good to know: the sequence between the different stages of sale must be fluid. Practice moving from sales argumentation to negotiation to end up closing as naturally as possible!

5. Promote your commercial expertise

Commercial expertise is one of the qualities that a top seller must cultivate.

At a time when customers / prospects find information on Google by themselves, stand out by bringing them real added value.

Improve a customer’s shopping experience thanks to your expertise on:

  • your sector
  • your business and hers
  • your product / service offers
  • technological, technical, organizational, HR innovations, etc.
  • new regulations.

The customer must be convinced: without you, he would make the wrong choice!

6. Bet on customer satisfaction and feelings

A client will be ready to pay the price, whatever it is, if he is convinced that his investment will pay off thanks to:

  • to your commercial expert advice . Support it with relevant advice until the right solution is found.
  • the ultra competitive advantages of your products / services which perfectly meet its needs.

Don’t miss out on customer satisfaction and feelings! Show your interlocutor that the benefits of your offer and your expertise are worth their investment.”Loyal customers don’t just come back to you, they don’t just recommend you, they insist their friends do business with you.”Chip Bell

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