20 Best Travel Tips for traveling to Spain

If what you were looking for were tips to travel to Spain for the first time , we tell you that you are lucky to have come to the right place! Spain is the favorite destination of millions of tourists who want to know one of the most beautiful and, above all, interesting countries in Europe (or around the world). That is why … Read more

ABM in data-centric mode

ABM becomes the magic formula, the “buzz word” of any good marketer looking for new ways to achieve their goals and align with sales teams. What are the fundamentals of an ABM method? How to implement it ? Discover the solution in 4 key points! The fundamentals of ABM Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B approach in which marketing … Read more

Artificial intelligence: development lever for commerce

Artificial intelligence to boost B2B sales The Artificial Intelligence is a significant growth opportunity for B2B commerce. Targeting potential prospects, competitive intelligence, marketing strategy, customer experience: AI promises to revolutionize aspects of B2B sales. For a company, appropriating AI techniques and applications now is eminently strategic. Explanations. AI: between fantasies and everyday reality Artificial intelligence is omnipresent in our daily life, without … Read more

How can the mobility of companies be a source of business?

Facility Management, Space Planning, Telecoms, HR, finance, insurance, advice … you are constantly looking for the best business opportunities. But have you ever thought about looking at corporate moves? This key moment in the life of companies brings with it a multitude of new needs. Detected upstream, these business transfer projects are a real boon for developing your business . Relocations, … Read more

WHITE PAPER: How to better sell and prescribe your products to buyers / influencers?

Construction professionals, building industry … do you know how to target site opportunities and the specifiers that will make you successful? Developing your business necessarily requires a better knowledge of your environment: early identification of construction projects, identification of project owners , architects, design offices, companies … Whether from a strategic or operational perspective, it is more than never need to … Read more

The 360 ​​alignment according to EXPLORE

The BtoB Summit 2019 was held on July 9 at the National School of Architecture, bringing together more than 900 marketing, sales and management professionals around the theme of the 360 ​​° alignment of organizations. On this occasion, Bertrand Dosseur, Marketing Director of EXPLORE, gives us his point of view on the theme of this year’s edition. What … Read more

How can data help you retain your customers?

To retain your customers, get to know them… really! Loyalty, a sinking value? Quite the contrary! But in ever-changing markets, keeping your customers starts with knowing them. Obvious, you will say? Not always ! Because, to really know them and adjust the customer relationship according to THEIR concerns, it is essential to anticipate all the needs related to events punctuating … Read more

5 key steps for Data Driven strategy

Due to the proliferation of digital tools (web, CRM, ERP, applications of all kinds), be it “first”, “second” or “third party”, data is everywhere, provoking dreams and hopes for more than one sales manager or one marketing manager. What is often described as the “black gold” of the 21st century indeed conceals tremendous development potential for … Read more

5 best Business Tips for New people

Confined does not mean resigned! If the days may seem long (or not), it is possible to take advantage of these special days, especially when you are in charge of the commercial development of a BtoB activity. If we have not yet found the antivirus, here we offer you some “tips” to think about, and especially to … Read more

8 Best Games Like huniepop you should Try in 2020

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