ABM in data-centric mode

ABM becomes the magic formula, the “buzz word” of any good marketer looking for new ways to achieve their goals and align with sales teams. What are the fundamentals of an ABM method? How to implement it ? Discover the solution in 4 key points! The fundamentals of ABM Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B approach in which marketing … Read more

WHITE PAPER: How to better sell and prescribe your products to buyers / influencers?

Construction professionals, building industry … do you know how to target site opportunities and the specifiers that will make you successful? Developing your business necessarily requires a better knowledge of your environment: early identification of construction projects, identification of project owners , architects, design offices, companies … Whether from a strategic or operational perspective, it is more than never need to … Read more

What happened in the bakery

Hello guys! How are you? I hope it’s ok. Well, uff .. I’m a little dizzy right now 😵, I don’t know why I’m like this .. but here I am in my bedroom, in front of my humble computer, hahaha! writing this blog, ooobvio !! 😆without having eaten so much lunch (just some rolls that had dulce de leche … Read more

A drink that is not a drink

Hi! How are you? I hope good 😊 What I am telling you now happened approximately two years ago, in the middle of 2018. In that year I used to go for a walk to the center of my city … almost every day. And in one of those days I went to a little bakery. It was small … Read more