Espaço Invisível: How to put space in Nick or Free Fire Name 2020?

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An Espaço Invisível symbol is a blank character that serves as a letter separator in Free Fire nicknames, as Garena’s game does not allow the use of the normal space on our keyboards. In this post, you will know all the ways to use these symbols and see how they are in play. They also work in Among Us.

Among the thousands of symbols available, there are four types of nick space in total:

  1. Large Espaço Invisível 
  2. Medium   (“mid-space”)
  3. Small Invisível 
  4. Mini spaces included in a special fountain.

In the sections that follow, you’ll see how to use each of these spaces in your Free Fire nicknames. Before copying them, see in the respective images how each one is in play ok?

1 – Big Espaço Invisível  for Nick

Click below to copy the large Espaço Invisível  (ㅤ) to your clipboard.Copy

This is the common Espaço Invisível, very large and ideal for separating guild tags from the rest of the nick. See how it looks:

3 – Small Espaço Invisível  for Nick (New!)

This third is a very small Espaço Invisível symbol, which looks a lot like the common keyboard space. Look:

Unlike the others, you can’t copy and paste it in the usual way we know it. So, I created a generator to do this for you.

Below you will find two boxes. Type in the first one what you want to appear before the space, and in the second type what you want to appear after it. Then just press to copy!Generate & Copy!

4 – Fountain with Small Spaces

Another way to separate the letters from the nick is to use a special font that already comes with small spaces included! Try it on the generator below and see how it looks in the image: To convertCopy

Customizer with Espaço Invisível 

Finally, you can personalize your letters while adding the Espaço Invisível. Type below and press Convert. Common spaces you enter will be automatically converted! To convert

Complete editor with Espaço Invisível

Finally, if you like, you can use the nick editor below to create your nickname while adding the Espaço Invisível (big or small) with the press of a single button.WhatsappCopyAdd the Espaço Invisível :Great Medium Little⌫ 🗑️

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How to paste Espaço Invisível on Nick

If you copied the space at the beginning of the post and do not know how to paste, follow the steps below:

  • After clicking ” Copy ” above, open the game.
  • Within Free Fire, go to your profile and click on the Edit Your Nick button, located below your name.
  • In this example, we will write Mobile Verso . To do this, we type the first part and paste the invisible space where we want it to appear.
  • To paste the space is simple: When typing Nick, press and holdinside the box until the option appears:
  • After pasting the letter Invisible, finish typing your Nick and then press “Ok”.

Once this is done, the result is as follows:

How to make the nick Invisível 

The space symbol can also be used to make your nickname completely Espaço Invisível. Access our invisible nick generator to learn more.

Many players who play Free Fire want to put the name with in the nick. So! thinking about it, we will help you solve this problem.

More before that, if you still have doubts about which name to choose, see some suggestions here .

Anyway! How to put the invisible space in the Free Fire nick?

Copy the Espaço Invisível inside the parentheses:


Want the smaller code a little bit? Copy the Espaço Invisível inside the parentheses:


Just an observation. The small space is only working for Android devices. Now you can change your nickname on Free Fire and play with your friends.

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About Free Fire

Garena Free Fire or just Free Fire, is a mobile action-adventure game that “invaded” the screen of smartphones worldwide. In Brazil, famous as Alok, Nego do Borel, Dynho Alves, Celso Portiolli, Felipe Neto.

The game starts with up to a total of fifty players who fall by  parachute  on an island in search of weapons and equipment in order to kill the other players. Players have the option to freely choose the location to start playing.

Free Fire, which is inspired by PUBG, became successful in 2008, reaching the mark of 7.5 million players (reflected by the amount of downloads). After the success, the game only grew, the number of users increased even more and several championships were created from the game.

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