How can data help you retain your customers?

To retain your customers, get to know them… really!

Loyalty, a sinking value? Quite the contrary! But in ever-changing markets, keeping your customers starts with knowing them. Obvious, you will say? Not always ! Because, to really know them and adjust the customer relationship according to THEIR concerns, it is essential to anticipate all the needs related to events punctuating the life of the company (fundraising, moving, recruitment, etc.). Detecting these weak or strong signals allows you to identify possible threats or opportunities among your customers. 

Why develop a real loyalty strategy?

The objective is to develop your business and boost your turnover . Your growth depends on both your ability to gain new market share and your ability to retain existing customers.

Securing your customer portfolio and improving your profitability requires deploying an effective strategy combining anticipation of needs and an optimized customer experience .

Deploying a loyalty strategy allows:

  • activate effective levers to maintain a unique, lasting and personalized customer relationship
  • intelligently adjust your customer relationship according to events punctuating the life of the company
  • to transform your customers into true ambassadors of your brand or your products
  • assess the risks of leaving the competition
  • to strengthen your positions …

Many methods exist to retain your customers and transform them into true ambassadors of your brand or your products (loyalty programs, satisfaction questionnaires, etc.). Data intelligence tools make it possible to go further and adjust the actions implemented according to targeted and qualified behavioral data.

By knowing about projects or strategic evolutions, in progress or to come with your customers, it is possible to more precisely identify their needs, to anticipate them and to consider a possible repositioning.

Some examples

Some data represents potential business opportunities, to be worked on by the sales force:

  • Your client is moving? This is an opportunity to take stock with him, because he is likely to take the opportunity to review his entire supplier portfolio … for better or for worse!
  • Is your client embarking on a merger-acquisition transaction? HR or marketing support may be useful to him.
  • Has your client received an award, stood out at a trade show or is behind a remarkable innovation? This event is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with him. To congratulate him without a commercial dimension also means contributing to a climate of trust, conducive to business.
  • If, on the other hand, you know that your client is going through a difficult time, you will be able to adapt your speech and your commercial offers with full knowledge of the facts and propose to reduce the scope of his contract … Feeling included in his internal problems in “time real ”, the customer will have even more confidence in you and in your ability to meet their expectations.

Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they will return. We have to be exceptional every time or else we lose it.

How to ensure the strategic follow-up of your customers?

First of all, through detailed knowledge of your client portfolio, to be placed at the heart of your strategy! Customer knowledge is the basis of your loyalty. In B2B, salespeople are the primary source of information about customers. Nevertheless, it is impossible to control all the data of a market on its own.

Concretely, a dedicated monitoring tool , capable of detecting strong or weak business signals on defined market scope, will allow you to collect key information. Regularly, your CRM will be enriched with this new strategic data. These insights allow your salespeople to generate direct intimacy with your brand and your business.

Adopting a qualified data collection solution , like the one developed by EXPLORE, represents a considerable potential for business. Legal and administrative information, changes in the size of the company and turnover, relocation, creation of a new branch … You no longer miss decisive information, you can adapt your commercial offers and adapt exchanges with your client.

We have all the information we need to follow our clients’ calls for tenders and projects across France, in just a few clicks.

Many B2B companies do not yet have processes to advance customer engagement and re-enchant the customer experience. Integrating a monitoring solution is the opportunity to put customer knowledge at the heart of your loyalty strategy.

For what results? An improved and revitalized customer relationship, guaranteed loyalty, contracts that are better monitored and better managed by salespeople, avoided departures from competition… And a boosted commercial development thanks to upselling.

Anticipate changes and your customers’ needs instead of undergoing them: this is the best way to keep them… and to attract new ones!

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