Smart GaGa Download Android Emulator Latest 2020 for Windows 10, 8, 7

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Minimum Requirements for Smart Gaga

  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • 32 or 64 bit Intel or AMD processor
  • 2GB to run Free Fire
  • 2GB of disk space

If you have already toured the emulators section here on the site, you may have noticed the lack of a requirement common to most Android emulators: Have Virtualization (VT) enabled.

Smart GaGa

Like BluPapa, Smart Gaga innovates by not working with virtualized emulation and therefore does not need active virtualization . This greatly reduces the load on the processor.

How to download Smart Gaga

The emulator’s official website currently displays a 404 error in the download section. According to the website, the download is suspended because of a change in administration.

Luckily, you can download Smart Gaga from other sources. Click on the links below to download the latest version in 2020.DOWNLOAD SMART GAGA 1.1.646.1 ANDROID 7.1.2 (Google Drive)DOWNLOAD SMART GAGA 1.1.646.1 ANDROID 7.1.2 (MediaFire)DOWNLOAD SMART GAGA 1.1.646.1 ANDROID 4.4 (MediaFire)DOWNLOAD SMART GAGA 2.2 (Version modified by HTzin)

Downloading old / outdated versions (MediaFire)
Attention: Older versions do not support Android 7!

SmartGaGa 1.1.601.1 – Released on August 19, 2019

Download SmartGaGa 1.1.560.1 – Released on July 17, 2019

Download SmartGaGa 1.1.541.1 – Released on April 18, 2019

Download SmartGaGa 1.1.502.1 – Released on June 29, 2019

Download SmartGaGa 1.1.458.1 – Released on February 13, 2019

Download SmartGaGa 1.1.401.1 – Released on December 05, 2018

To install Smart Gaga , run the file downloaded above as an administrator and decline the offers that will appear during installation. At the end of the installation, the first screen:

Attention: Do not open Free Fire by the icons that are already installed at the bottom. Download from the Play Store.

Smart GaGa

About the HTzin version

The HTzin is a youtuber FF making modifications Smart Gaga to correct errors or improve performance. Anyone interested in its versions can download it from the links above.

How to Configure Smart Gaga

Let’s configure Smart Gaga to have the best performance on your PC. To get started, go to the emulator settings by clicking on the icon(the last). Configure according to the image below:

To put Smart Gaga in Portuguese, just change the option “Language” on the configuration screen.

If you downloaded a version compatible with Android 7, choose the system version: Android 4.4.2 KitKat or Android 7.1.2 Nougat . Choosing the latest version is the best choice most of the time, but the one with android 4.4 can be lighter and more compatible with very old computers.

Now, in the Advanced tab, we will change the resolution and adjust performance options:

Change the emulator’s resolution to 1280 × 720 (just like in the image above) or higher.

In general, it is recommended that you use OpenGL as a rendering method, as it is more stable and newer. The difference between the two options, in short, is that DirectX is used for a wide range of functions (sound, music, video, network …) while OpenGL is just a graphical API. Android is built using OpenGL as a base.

However, on a very weak PC, the game may not open with this option (black screen). If so, use DirectX yourself. So don’t forget to have the C ++ library updated , okay? This will give you some headaches in the future.

Already CPU and RAM , you can leave it in ‘Auto’ even for the emulator itself to manage the memory.

However, if your Smart Gaga is crashing , consider manually setting these values. Use two processor cores, if possible, and leave the RAM memory as high as possible since it is at least 600MB for Windows. It does not need more than 3GB of RAM. Also consider decreasing the resolution to 960 × 540.

On the Games tab , if you play PUBG Mobile and have a good video card, you can increase the game’s graphics to full HD.

Click Save and then Reboot to restart the emulator.

Installing the Google Play Store

It may be that, at the first start of your emulator, the Play Store is not yet installed. In that case, click and open some of the games pinned at the bottom.

When you do, you’ll need to sign in, and when you download it from the Play Store it will start automatically.

Smart GaGa

If, after installed, your Play Store has problems, it is because you need to grant all permissions to it in the system settings. To do this, go to Settings> Applications> Google Play services.

How to configure the controls and keys

The first time you open each game Smart Gaga will show you the default configuration of controls and keys for the game you are running.

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For Free Fire , for example, the settings are as follows:

After knowing the pre-configured keys, just adjust the ones you want. To do this, open your game (here in our example, Free Fire ) and go to Settings -> Controls -> Custom HUD. Then click on the emulator keyboard icon (the second on the menu) to configure it as you see fit.

The process should be very similar on PUBG and Call of Duty.

Graph Adjustment and Y Sensitivity

As important as configuring the emulator is to adjust the options within the game in Free Fire. Go through the settings and make sure everything is fine. If your PC is weak, don’t forget to leave the Graph in “ Smooth ”.

To improve your game, adjust the Sensitivity Y in the Smart Gaga to raise more layers in Free Fire.

Like BlueStacks 4 , Smart Gaga has the option of adjusting the vertical aiming sensitivity ( Y Sensitivity ). Increasing its value makes it easier to climb the layer in emulators.

To adjust its value, open the emulator keyboard again and click on the button marked in the image below. Then increase the value of YAxisSensitivity .

Blue Screen Error

Recently a new error worried Smart Gaga users a lot. The emulator causes a blue screen of death , causing the PC to restart and showing messages related to “aow drv x64 ev sys” or , more often, “android kernel x64 ev.sys” .

The causes of the blue screen on the SmartGaga vary widely. We’ve listed some things you can try below. Among them, the ones that have shown the best results are to disable the play store and its updates and also limit the permissions it has after it has already installed the game.

Solution 1 – Stop and limit PlayStore permissions

The blue screen error on the Smart Gaga is apparently caused by a conflict between the app store and the operating system. Follow the steps below to disable her functions to try to correct the problem.

With Play Store open, go to the  Menu, then Definitions. Disable automatic application update as shown below.

Continuing, remember that above you saw that for the Play Store to work properly in Smart Gaga is it necessary to grant all permissions? With the game already installed, we can remove them .

For that, go to Settings > Applications> Google Play services> Permissions. Deselect all except “Contacts”, “Location” and “Mobile phone”.

After that, go back to “Settings”> “Applications”. Choose Free Fire and disable “Modify system settings”. Do the same for the “Google Play Services” app.

That done, I recommend that you always disable the PlayStore service before opening the game. Just go to the apps and force it to stop.

Solution 2 – Uninstall Segurazo

Those who installed Smart Gaga using a Filehorse link may have inadvertently installed Segurazo, which is offered during installation. Everything indicates that he is at fault at the registry office in this blue screen problem.

Look for it in the programs installed on your PC and, if you find it, uninstall it.

All links here on the site have been switched to direct links to avoid this problem in the future.

Solution 3 – Screen optimizations

  • Look for the Smart Gaga icon on the desktop. Right click -> Properties. Then go to the “Compatibility” tab and activate compatibility with Windows 7 (if you already use Windows 7, skip this part). Check the options ” disable full screen optimizations ” and ” run this program as an administrator “. See the image:

Other solutions

  • Set the clock to the right time to avoid synchronization problems. To do this, go to Date and Time and choose the GMT-3 time zone. Leave “Automatic date and time” checked and “Automatic time zone” unchecked.
  • Disable Windows Defender;
  • Close and remove all antivirus (especially Avast! And Segurazo)
  • Update your vcredist library.

Try using another version of the emulator, especially 458 and 601. All links are at the beginning of this post.

Other Problems and Bugs

Those who use SmartGaga have found several errors in the emulator since the last Free Fire updates. In a way this is already expected, since the emulator is no longer updated. The bright side is that most of the errors that have appeared so far have a solution. See solutions:

Free Fire does not start : Make sure to check the box “do not show this dialog again” when starting the game. When the game “closes”, make sure it doesn’t just minimize itself. Also make sure you have configured as per section above, especially rendering mode

Smart Gaga hangs at 98%: Check your PC for updates and look for outdated drivers. Also check the version of your .NET Framework and Visual C ++. If you can access the menu, make sure the rendering mode is OpenGL. In the latter case, consider uninstalling the emulator and installing again in another folder . Clean your PC with CCleaner and update DirectX.

Connection failed, Error 42 : Disable Windows Firewall, always run the emulator as an administrator. Also check your internet and your antivirus.

Black screen when starting : Again check if the rendering mode is in OpenGL and update your video driver. Perhaps you should manually increase the emulator’s memory.

Root on Smart Gaga

A lot of people have doubts: How to root Smart Gaga? And the answer is: the SmartGaga emulator comes with root. The problem is that the developer used different commands than the normal ones, which means that most applications are not able to have the super function.

There is not much to do about this since the Smart Gaga project has been stopped, as we said at the beginning of this post.

Have questions about this emulator? Comment!

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