The 360 ​​alignment according to EXPLORE

The BtoB Summit 2019 was held on July 9 at the National School of Architecture, bringing together more than 900 marketing, sales and management professionals around the theme of the 360 ​​° alignment of organizations. On this occasion, Bertrand Dosseur, Marketing Director of EXPLORE, gives us his point of view on the theme of this year’s edition.

What is your view of the 360 ​​° alignment?

Producers of high added value data, our solution potentially interests all businesses. The data is useful and precious for all the departments of our clients. Our data circulates between marketing and sales departments, but also purchasing, finance, IT, etc. Customer knowledge is increasingly becoming a shared necessity for all of the company’s stakeholders.

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From an organizational point of view, we are already helping to ensure that the various departments of the company are aligned with each other and aligned with the client, with his needs, his expectations, his profession, his problematic. During the deployment of the solution, we observe the need to support internal change in functional but also cultural terms through the sharing of information within organizations that are sometimes still very siled.

Why is 360 ° alignment important in 2019?

This is a highly strategic issue because our goal is to provide a tailor-made response to the challenges of our customers. One of the big advantages of our data is that it is already structured, operational, already consolidated and can be quickly integrated into a CRM or an IS. All this helps to offer our customers organizational excellence, and therefore to facilitate the sharing of information in all layers of the company.

What are the priorities for implementing this 360 ° alignment? How to promote it in the company?

You must already be yourself a little bit aligned! Internally, we have reorganized certain processes, in particular by optimizing the operational link between marketing and teleprospection. It was sort of the missing link between lead acquisition and processing. This intermediary unit between sales and marketing was necessary for all our processes to become more efficient. And then we involve the teams upstream of current and future marketing campaigns via joint meetings so that everyone in the company is informed and concerned by the actions taken.

Who should take the leadership to align the teams? The salted ? Marketing ? HR? The DG? Who else ?

Sales and marketers have understood that it is in their best interests to align themselves to get more results. Leadership on the issue does not necessarily have to be embodied by the CEO or HR; this can be done very effectively in a transversal and horizontal manner, between the stakeholders who will naturally each find their own profit.

Why did you participate in the BtoB Summit 2019?

I find that the mix of genres between very high quality content on the one hand and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere of exchanges and discussions on the other is the strength of the BtoB Summit. The event took place at the beginning of July, it already smacks of holidays and it’s an ideal time to exchange, to share, to gain height and to nurture experiences while networking intelligently.

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