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Travelling and seeing new places can offer incredible experiences. As you travel over time, you’ll naturally pick up lots of tips which will, in turn, allow you to travel that much better in subsequent trips. Ie you learn from your experiences. However, to get you started we’re going to share with you our best travel tips that we’ve accumulated from years of experience. Here are 50 top travel tips, that will help you travel like a pro.

  1. Take an extra bank card
    Sometimes when you travel you may find your bank card plays up and stops working. Or you even lose your bank card via an ATM or another mishap. To avoid getting in a bad situation of being abroad with no means of getting cash then prepare for this in advance. This means taking a spare bank card with you. You may need to have a second bank account, or a credit card as a spare for this, but it’s better than nothing.

As well as taking a spare bank card you should also keep them in separate places. Ie don’t keep all your cards in your wallet. So if you’re going out sightseeing or partying then leave one in your hotel, such as in the safe if possible.

  1. Use no-fee bank cards
    For years banks have been able to profit heavily on travellers using their bank cards. But now the tides have begun to turn and in some countries (such as the UK), you’ll find various financial services available that don’t charge you for using your cards. These include brands such as Monzo, Starling and various other services.

One thing to bear in mind though is that some ATMs or businesses may still charge you locally. But that is the nature of the business offering the service. Main bank ATMs will generally provide free options though so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out of those while you’re travelling.

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  1. Experience travelling solo
    Although not for everyone, travelling solo can be a fantastic experience. It helps you grow and develop independence and can also be quite fun. For young people, you should consider travelling this way and staying in a hostel. These are often very sociable environments and a great way to meet people, ie other travellers. As well as this hostels might provide group tours and other experiences allowing you to really get to know your travel destination.

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  1. Travel with friends
    As well as travelling solo it’s also nice to travel with friends. You’ll be able to work together to plan the trip, look out for each other on nights out, and create fantastic memories together. What’s important when planning a group trip with friends is to think about everyone in the group to make sure no one is left out or unhappy and to compromise where necessary.
  2. Try local food
    The local cuisine can be a big part of a destination and around the world you’ll find more variety than you could ever imagine. To make the most of your trip and a top tip is to try local dishes and delicacies, especially if it’s something you’ll be unlikely to get back home. To find local food you could do some research in advance on what you should try, or explore and try your luck, or even go on a dedicated food tour. Sometimes there are options on for such things.

Food and action shotsFood and action shots

  1. Be wary of Pickpockets
    Pickpockets can be found in most major cities and unfortunately tourists can often be their targets. They will be particularly prevalent in popular places such around landmarks, as well as busy areas including subways and crowds. Although you shouldn’t spend your whole trip worrying and you will often travel trouble-free there are ways you can prevent yourself from having issues. Read our tips on how to prevent yourself from being pickpocketed.
  2. Be extra vigilant at night
    When exploring at night, or going on nights out then be extra vigilant. Such as being aware of who is around you, and not walking down isolated and dark areas and alleys. If you are female then if possible always try and have someone else with you and don’t leave each other alone, such as during a night out.

Unless you are in a safe downtown area then you should be ok, otherwise consider using taxis, Ubers to get around.

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  1. Take a padlock for hostels
    If you plan to stay in hostels then take a padlock. Occasionally you’ll get hostels where this isn’t necessary and you can control lockers with your card or by other means, but just in case it’s always a good idea to have one in your bag.

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  1. Carry hand sanitiser
    Some destinations, even those that are well developed for tourists can have questionable cleanliness. This might be because they are so busy that they naturally get dirty very quickly. So, whenever you travel then keep yourself a little bottle of sanitiser in your bag and use it before eating, or other times where necessary. This is even more important now after the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more about are tips for travelling post Covid-19.
  2. Carry tissue
    As well as hand sanitiser also carry tissue with you. This can be for those times when you may need the loo and the toilet hasn’t been serviced for a while.
  3. Make copies of your passport
    In the event that you lose your passport, you’d have to go to an embassy and get a replacement or temporary passport. To help prove who you are and to make the process easier then make copies of your passport. You could also consider saving this in a secure place online so that you can access it easily if you ever need to.

Passport image – CC0 (Pixabay)Image via Pixabay

  1. Don’t forget travel insurance
    Something you must not forget when travelling is your travel insurance. Without this you risk big costs should you need medical attention, lose your luggage, or have other issues. In fact, many airlines and some border control ask for it when you’re travelling. You should be able to find various insurance options available, including single, trip, multi-trip, winter sports, family and various other types.

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